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MR215 - Philips Intera Achieva 16 Channel 1.5T Mobile MRI - FOR SALE OR RENT

OEM Ref No: 8626, Magnet: F2000, Gradients:Copley 274, Software:3.2.3

Features:               SE, FFE, TFE, Gated TFE, Balanced FFE, TSE, EPI, IR, ToF, CE, PC, MTC, CLEAR, FLAIR, STIR, SPAIR, ProSet, 2D, 3D, 3D k-space shutter, 1024 Matrix, Dynamic, Manual Start, Basic SW, SMART-Scan, IHE Workflow, 2D VCG, 6 RF Channels, 16 RF Channels, R2/R12 enhancements,8 RF Channels, Spectro 3D, Advanced EPI, GraSE, 3D Brain View, Spectro SENSE, High SENSE Factors, Extended FOV, Keyhole, DWI, Phase navigators, TE>TR, Q-Flow, Thrive, Contrast Enhanced  Perfusion, Moving Bed, Advanced Moving Bed, MobiTrak, BolusTrakAdvanced Peripheral Angio, High End Recon, Black Blood pre pulse, Body Respiratory Navigators, MSMP, Multivane, Cardiac Trigger IR, Retrospective, Prospective Motion Correction, Spectroscopy, T1 Perfusion, 3 Point Plan Scan, Rescan, Diffusion Calculations, Perfusion Calculations, Q-Flow Analysis, Multistation View, mDIXON

Coils:                      SENSE NV 16 channel,SENSE Spine 15 channel,SENSE Torso XL,SENSE Torso,SENSE Knee 16 channel,SENSE Flex M,SENSE Wrist 8 channel,SENSE Shoulder,QD Knee/Foot, QD Head with Synergy Head Neck

Injector:                  MedRad Spectris
Trailer:                   2002 Calutech Coach